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Hello All,

Today, has been hit with a DMCA Claim by Home Box Office (HBO). The DMCA is for Game of Thrones and True Blood screencaps, however, if the DMCA remains in place we will be required to remove all of our galleries.

We come to you asking for your help. Please sign our petition directed to HBO asking them to remove the DMCA claim against our site.

PETITION: Removing DMCA against

Thank you for your support. Our site will remain offline until a resolution, either way, is reached.


if anyone uses this site ( & even those of you who don’t it would still be a big help ) take 5 minutes out of your time & do this. For those of you, like me, that love to make our own edits & icons this would be a HUGE loss. is definitely the best collection of caps i’ve ever come across. it would be a shame to see their hard work go to waste & to lose such a fantastic resource. :c


"Whats this look on your face?" "What look?"
"The kind of look that makes me want to punch you."

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tamsin meme » 1/5 outfits

Lydia Martin + most favourite/all the outfits in 3B

"Could have been animal blood."